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Shelly Illies

Savvi Specialist

What is the most memorable vacation you have ever taken?

My most memorable family vacation was an adventurous 10-night trip to Costa Rica. We stayed four nights in a luxurious resort amidst the lush tropical rainforest with a spectacular view of Arenal Volcano right from our balcony. Our last six nights, we traveled to the Guanacaste Region on the Pacific Coast. We explored a variety of beaches and went swimming, boogie boarding and surfing. Some of our favorite activities on our vacation included zip-lining, horseback riding, surfing, snorkeling, trying new foods and sailing on a catamaran as we watched the sunset. Everyone we met in Costa Rica was all so friendly and welcoming.

My most memorable vacation for a couple’s trip was my vacation to Barcelona, Spain, and many parts of Italy last spring!

What is your bucket list destination?

New Zealand and Peru

What do you love most about being a travel advisor?

Travel is my passion in life and I love researching and planning amazing vacations for my clients. One of my favorite things about being a travel advisor is living vicariously through my clients when I get to see and hear about their adventures all over the world!

I know my fair share about travel from personal experience, but I am also really good at researching, organizing and understanding people. Travel advisors sell dreams. Everyone dreams about going somewhere unique to explore; a travel advisor can make it happen. It is also very rewarding when my customers come back home with those lifelong memories and share them with me.